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  • Naxos

    Passing this island in the sea (a good place for a castle?), we went to the bay of Naxos. At home, we have some dried rose leafs from there ... it would be a promising place! The idyllic villages in the hills watch over the bay while a great ship rushes into the...

    0 by Jan, 2 months ago
  • Taormina City

    In the colourful city of Taormina, we saw these crafty porcellaine heads ... the style clearly shows oriental influence, although the artwork in itself remains European heritage. The massive facade of the cathedral was rounded and blank ... a pretty common style in...

    0 by Jan, 2 months ago
  • Taormina and the Bay of Naxos

    Here's another view of the bay of Naxos ... you can see the beach! This picture also shows some ships in a lagoon ... dolce vita! Here is the theatre again, but with a wider view of the hills in the background ... On this peninsula, there seems to be a white villa...

    0 by Jan, 2 months ago
  • Taormina - Goethe was here!

    The next day, we went to see Taormina where Goethe famously was for a bit. The entrance gate greeted us in red and with some columns in front of it. We actually have a picture of this in our living room, and only now I realised what it really was! Behind the blooming...

    0 by Jan, 2 months ago

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