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English speaking

  • Job vacancy: English speaking
  • Number of vacancies: 1
  • Salary in €: 10.00 € Hourly

My name is SHEIKH ABRAR.I am from India.I came here for studying medicine in sumy state university.Here,in Ukraine I realize that apart from studying you have to copeup with daily expenses.Moreover,I realize that i have to become independent to hold my expenses.

I thought of doing some part time job.I know here in Ukraine,it is impossible to get.

I choose English teaching feild asamympart timepajobrt- students who wants to learn and speak well.

I know I am studying medicine,which is very hard.But I have to balance my work and study.

I thought to teach students once in week so that I can study well.But on that working day,I will give my best and more work to the students.



2 months ago

Tags: Student Jobs Sumy, Sumy, Ukraine

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