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French students looking for roomates and accommodation

  • Move in date: 20 September 2018
  • Minumum stay: 5 months

We are two friends ( a girl and a boy ).

I am Xavier, 21 years. I am a postgraduate student in Finance. Living in Paris "the city of love". I love partying, discover new place, meet new people, increase my knowledge ....

My friend's name is Manon. She is 22, a postgraduate student in accountability in Paris too.

We are in the same school and coming there together for winter semester in the economic department.

We are looking for one or two roomates and an accommodation close to the university and the centre.

Don't hesitate to contact us. We are sooooo funnny, you will not be disappointed ahah :)

About me / us Things that my roommate should have
Gender 1 boy, 1 girl Not specified
Age 18 - 30 18 - 99
Occupation Not specified Not specified
Smoker Not specified Not specified
Partying Not specified Not specified
Pet Not specified Not specified

7 months ago

Tags: Flatmates Split, Split, Croatia

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