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Erasmus Siena 2010 / 2011 (English)

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Welcome to the forum for Siena 2010 / 2011!

This is the place where Erasmus students, or any exchange students, that are headed for Siena in 2010 / 2011 can introduce themselves and get to know one another before they arrive. Introduce yourself to the forum and ask any questions you may have about the city, the University, where to stay, where to eat, the prices, places for parties, how to get to Siena, etc. Here you can also find:

- The general forum for Siena
- People who have been, are and will be in Siena
- A photo gallery of Siena
- Erasmus experiences in Siena
- The map and weather in Siena
- The Universities in Siena

If you're a student who's spent time in Siena in the past you can share your experiences and vote for Siena by clicking here. The cities with the best and most interesting experiences will appear higher up in the ranking of Erasmus cities. Help Siena win the number one spot!

Livin' la vida Erasmus!

who is going to siena next year?

hello i ve been accepted from my university for erasmus in university degli di siena with 2 friends of mine... we are now searching for lessons so we can send the application form to accept us from siena... we cant wait to come to siena... does anyone know if there are any english lessons for economics or bussines studies or they are all in italian ?

Hey, I am going to Siena for spring 2011. I am so excited!!! Cannot wait.
Savvas I am also planned to take courses in English from those business programs.

I'm very happy to find people who are going to siena too.
Do you both study economy?
I don't know if there are lessons in english, because i'm studying languages and it wouldn't make any sense if the lessons were in english. But perhaps there are english lessons for the other fields of study.
You both don't speak italian at all?
When do you arrive in Siena? Have you already found a flat?

Hey Tanja,
yes I'll take business courses at Siena. There are few business and economics master programs running entirely in English.
I am hoping to learn the language at Siena, but I think for me it would be too difficult to follow courses in Italian. I think I'll arrive there some when in February. How about you? About flat I have no clue yet. Hope to find something before going there or short after arriving.

hello Heidi.. Are you an undergraduate or postgraduate student ? i am an undergraduate.. i will come probably around 19 january because i will participate in the italian learning courses from 1-25 feb... the only problem i have right now is that the University of Siena hasnt respond me possitive yet...

Hey Heidi,
I also will arrive in February, but I don't know exactly when...
I already wrote some email because of the flat and I think it will be very difficult.... they alwas respond me that they don't want erasmus students (because of the short time and because they can't know them before arriving)
it will be very hard but I hope I will find a flat before going to Siena....
Do you also participate the italian language course?

I'm planning to apply for an Erasmus programme in Siena in 2011/2012. Does anybody know the faculty of economics? Are there any particularities, what is its main focus? So is it more business-orientated or mathematical/statistical? Applied or rather theoretical?
Thanks for your answers... :-)

Tanja i applied fot the italian course 1-25 feb but they said to me that i am in a waitting list

I have decided that I don't partecipate the language course because I can't arrive the 1 feb and if I go to the course in march than I can't partecipate at the normal lessons. So you'll arrive already in january?
But I already speak italian and the international office told me that there aren't courses for advanced learners, thats why the cours would be very boring for me...
I thought that all students will have the possibility to partecipate on the course.... don't you speak italian at all?
Do you have facebook?

Yes i have fb this is my real name you can find me and add me :)

I,ll go in march to Siena but i dont have flat,rooms or some like this.
Do you know something of student residences?

hi guys!

I will be participate in EILC in Perugia 1-25.02 and next go to Siena on my own Erasmus :) Maybe some of You will be on EILC in perugia too?

Do you have some flat? And when you will come to Siena? I will have courses in English (2degree) and try learn Italian.

see u soon,

Does anbody else participate a language course?for example the language course at the university??

Hello i am already in Siena and i ve started from today the EILC in the Stranieri University. Its my 2nd week in Siena.

Hi guys,If anybody knows which buses goes from bolonia to siena and what is the timetable of this buses:)

i'll be taking a language course in october.

hi everybody, i will start my course program in September, i would like to know you can suggest an accomodation website.
Best regards

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