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Experience in Warsaw School of Economics, Poland by Sarah

Generally, what is Szkola Glówna Handlowa w Warszawie like?

Warsaw School of Economics is a school with 10 000 students located 20 minutes by subway from the city center.

What are the facilities like?

There are 2 quite old building but it's really clean. Inside there are some restaurant, a library, a copy shop, a bank...

What are the tutors like?

The tutors are really available and welcoming.

Are the lessons easy in Szkola Glówna Handlowa w Warszawie?

It's not so difficult because all the courses are available online and the teacher are really qualified so their explanations help us to understand.

Does the University organise activities? If so, what are they like?

There are a lot of activity. First of all, the orientation week organized by ESN. The ESN also organize a lot of trips, parties... In the hall of the university, student associations also organize a lot of events.

Do you think there is a good quality of teaching?

Yes I think so. The teacher are really interesting! All the courses are available online so during the class, the objective is to discuss and exchange together.

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Comments (6 comments)

  • Shailesh Anand one year ago

    How is Masters in International Business Program in Warsaw School of Economics and Business?
    Are there any job opportunities with Campus Placements?

  • Sarah MAUPRIVEZ one year ago

    I don't know about Masters in International Business because I'm here on Erasmus for my third year of Bachelor. But there are a lot of job opportunities!! Many companies come at the university to present their offers so I think it's easy to find an intership or a job here.

  • Shailesh Anand one year ago

    ok thank you, by the way would you please help me understand what erasmus is all about as i have heard a lot about it but what exactly it is and how does it works ??

  • Sarah MAUPRIVEZ one year ago

    It's an exchange: you spend one year or one semester in a partner university of your home university and you follow your courses on this university. The aim is to discover another country and another way of learning. Here in Warsaw there are a lot of activities for Erasmus student. If you want more details about Erasmus in Warsaw or about the SGH don't hesitate!

  • Shailesh Anand one year ago

    Sure thanks for info really appreciate that by the way i am from India final year student of Bachelors in Business Administration and looking forward to enroll with VSE Prague (University of Economics & Business,Prague) in 2017,is it a good idea?

  • Pablo Mateos Seirul-lo 6 months ago

    Hi Sarah, I'm going next year to the SGH, like you as an erasmus student. Do you recommend me, going to a share flat? or do you know a residence o whatever? where did you stay ?

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