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My Trip to korean

Published by Sala Hassan — one year ago

We arrived at the time of Maghrib and when the employees were away and they took us to the airport road about an hour and a half of the traffic but we dont have a thing to do but we have dinner and sleep and to go on the day that is Aqaba on our exploratory trip in our department which for the first time we visit Honestly I hope that God give them the best they didn't shorten. The first thing I asked them to help in the places that we can go to in the private place in my account on Snape chat Wainblog.

In the beginning the expedition must be in the vicinity of the hotel

I found suggestions and recommendations a lot we couldnt go to all of them but we went to most of them specially that the trip is for 11 days and I expect that it is enough and we should hopefully this decoration let us go to it again to see the things we are not going for

And as for the food in Seoul, it's the most beautiful of all. There are a wide range of high-end restaurants scattered everywhere and it is a shame that we havent tried Korean food the places we visited

One of the beautiful places that we went to this is Jeong Imperial mansion where we took a tour that we knew about South Korea's history.

Developing Island

And as we went to a wonderful island called Developing Island and which was a nice resort Harry and its natural very beautiful it was a lovely expanse and the island is about 55 minutes away by car and then we went to a tourist place called small France which is a piece of France in the same building and terrain

Photo of France Small (little Frans)

And we had a visit to Seoul Tower which offers a beautiful view of all torrents from high altitude and downstream of the Tsingong River next to the Marriot Hotel and beside the great textile market that my eyes flew in it once its prices are nice and the ores are so great and I found that I was looking for cotton cloth which I bought

Markets in Seoul... They are countless and we also had a whole underground market for the luxurious brands named Sioux and adjacent to his multi-storey Hyundai store. Which is familiar in Seoul because we see Lottie's stores are spread and contain almost all the supplies, Time Square and Dongdaemun Design Plaza built by the late architect Zaha Hadid and many other centers.

While the streets were Myung Dong Street which is almost all about cosmetics and also for fashion and the food carts and the special street it is Garosu-gil which is in Gengenam area I liked his youth makeup and special boutiques and close to it is the Cheongdam-dong Street which has the Dior store that I can I'm saying it's an architectural masterpiece.

And the market in Seoul motivates you to buy and sell because its diversified and the prices are very suitable while the street that I didnt get relieved of was the street of Atan.. Didnt like and we do not repeat the visit to him and for myself he did not recommend his visit because there is nothing worth the visit The most amazing thing we encountered in this trip is the blizzard that revived us despite the extreme cold and once I was happy with it and I fired the child inside me specially that the weather was fluctuating on the day of Sun and Rainy day

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