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Segovia is a nice little town, about ninety kilometers away from Madrid. It is near the Sierra (the mountain) and it is famous for its aquaduct. The aquaduct is a construction that lead the water from a certain natural source (e. g. a river) into a desired place. The Segovia aquaduct dates back to the Roman empire. The romans created it and it is still standing. It is quite high and long and it has been made entirely of stones. There is nothing that connects the stones, no concrete, nothing and yet the aquaduct is stable and strong.

Another important building in Segovia is the Alcázar or the local castle. It resembles a fairytale castle and there is a reason for it. Disney used the Segovia castle as an inspiration for some of the castles in its cartoons. Cool, huh? The Alcázar is situated on one of the hightest hills in the town, so there are some nice views from its windows and terraces. Do not look down from the edge though... it is a bit scary. There are several richly decorated rooms inside the castle plus a series of old-fashioned weapons and knights. That is right, there are some knights' armor, which, at least in my opinion, is very interesting. Aparently, some of the knights were quite short but strong at the same time. Their armor was very heavy... and not to mention the swords they had to carry. Some of the knights would wear helmets with just a few holes left for them to be able to see. I do not know how they managed to fight. How could they see their enemies while looking through tiny holes like that? There were some examples of weapons, used in the 17th and 18th centuries. It was quite interesting as well.

When in Segovia, you should visit the fortress where the aquaduct ends. The fortress is high and very beautiful. There are small, paved streets, along with some cool old buildings. There are many churches and monasteries. The biggest cathedral is situated close to the castle and it is impressive outside. It has been richly decorated. Besides, it is enormous in size. Inside, that same cathedral is fine. It is interesting, but in my modest opinion, it is not so spectacular. There is an entrance fee of about two or three Euros.

The square near the cathedral is one of the nicest places in Segovia. On one side there is the cathedral, and on the other side there is the main theatre, which is newer compared to the surrounding buildings. If I am not mistaken, it was built in 1902.

If you are looking for something even better, you can go just below the castle. There is a path which circles around the entire castle, so you can see it from below. The path has a bit of a mysterious look and you wonder how would it be living up there in the castle always in danger. The castle is well protected but still...

While walking towards the castle, the main cathedral, and Plaza Mayor you will pass through a wider part of the street that leads you there. From that place you have a beautiful view towards the town and the mountain. The only problem with that walk could be the many people offering you restaurants and bars you should visit. It could be a bit annoying. You might have a coffee or a hot chocolate on that street. There are many little bars and shops where you can sit.

I, personally, went to Segovia from the bus station of Príncipe Pío. The company that provides bus rides is La Sepulvedana. The ride takes about an hour and fifteen to twenty minutes. The bus was new and even had WiFi. It was a blast travelling like this. On the way, you can see the famous cross that was built right above El Escorial. There are many buses during the day. The last one leaving from Segovia to Madrid is at nine thirty I think. Madrid-Segovia-Madrid is one of the best day trips you can do.

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