translation and communication field, law, human resources, public relations | Student jobs Santiago de Compostela

translation and communication field, law, human resources, public relations

  • Company name or name of the person in charge: Erasmus Compostela association
  • Job vacancy: translation and communication field, law, human resources, public relations
  • Number of vacancies: 3

Duration:3 months (minim.)

Commitment: Part-Time

Description: ANNOUNCEMENT OF 2018/2019


 Erasmus Compostela Association


Erasmus Compostela is a non-profit association,  registered in Galicia. It is also one of the students associations linked to the University of Santiago de Compostela.

It works independently, offering  help and services to students who come to study at USC but also to the local students.  Until 2011 more than 15.000 students have been benefited from our assistance through different programs.

The association offices are located in the University Campus, but you can also find us in the city center.  Our friendly helpful staff is readily available to assist you with information and answers to your questions.

Erasmus Compostela helps international students  by organizing cultural but also leisure and athletic activities  during the whole academic year. Our staff is composed of employees, interns and volunteers who love meeting new people and cultural exchanges.

Duration of the internship:3 months minimum, between May 2018 and July 2019

During the internship, students could work on these areas:

  1. attending  and counseling  international students in our offices

  2. collaborating in the organization of trips and excursions

  3. accomodation search service

  4. layout of promotional material of the  association's activities

  5. production of  audiovisual material of the association’s activities (photo/video)

  6. public relations

  7. collaborating in the organization of sport, such as individual and group activities

  8. Fundraising

  9. communication department: press release redaction, articles, city guide  and and work on mass-media.

  10. TIC area

  11. Legal area

  12. Human resources area:  evaluation and monitoring the  association's activities

  13. translation, interpretation and  coordination of linguistic exchange programm's (tandem)

  14. flatmate programm (search of accomodation  and flatmates)

  15. Buddy programm: orientation, by keeping in touch international student with local students.

    Accademic recognition for the internship

For exchange students programs  (Convenios bilaterales, ERASMUS…): you may ask for a collaboration certificate ( to include in the  european CV model of Europass)

For ERASMUS students: it can be valid for academic purposes  (you should ask to your sending institution)

  • For internship students of convenio bilateral,  specially South America and EE.UU.: it could be valid to cover the social work's hours asked by the sending institutions


  • Curriculum Vitae  with a photo.

  • Motivation letter

  • Recomendation letter written by professors

  • all applicants must fulfill an application form provided by their university (you may find it in your university’s web-site)

Subject: ¨INTERN¨

Compensation: No financial compensation


Languages: English: Independent User

Spanish: Independent User B2

Skills:Sociable, responsable, flexible and friendly person 

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