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The Ibero American High School

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A poor school

Published by Geert Craane

The Ibero American High School is a small school in Aruba. I was there for my internship and it is a really small school with a lot of students. I was a little bit shocked because you have 2 kind of people who lives in Aruba, the rich one and the poor one. Ibero American High School was definitely for poor people. The school was not that big but that is not the point. The computers were old and they didn’t have a functional server in the school to manage all the students.

So I was there without a proper server, trying to manage all the students into one database. That was needed, fortunately now the students have the possibility to log in with their own account on the computers and each student has his own personal folder. If you are in Aruba, and you have the possibility to go to San Nicolas, take a look at The Ibero American High School!

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