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Erasmus in Poznań

As a Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy student in Lisbon I did an internship at the Wielkopolskie Centrum Onkologii in the Radiation Therapy area and I honestly loved it. I had to be there everyday at 9h and I left around 12-13h and they were flexible sometimes in case I had a party the night before or if I wanted to go travel during the weekends they would give some days off.I can't say much about the university itself because I only went there to get my polish student card. The city is amazing to do Erasmus+ because things are cheaper than in my country and there are a lot of discounts for students such as 50% on train tickets inside Poland. Poland as good places to go out such as Cuba Libre and Prywatka if you are into latin music or Schron and Projekt Lab if you prefer techno and SQ and Czekolada if you like Hip Hop. Also all these places are cheap. Cuba Libre is free on Mondays and Wednesdays and more days). In Prywatka you have 0,5L beer for 1zl on Wednesdays from 21h to 23h. I had such a great time and met such great people. This experience will be in my memories for the rest of my life! For accomodation I used Sofa4Room and I had a single room for 800zl a month. Not the most modern dorm but the room was nice and cheap. About the food I would definitely recommend Pierogis as a main dish and Paczki as a dessert! To spend some nice chill afternoons you can go to Lake Rusalka, Cytadella Park, Warta River, Malta lake and the it's thermal baths and of corse the city center Stary Rynek. I did my Erasmus on the 2nd semester so I could enjoy more time outside with the good weather. There are a lot of good and cheap restaurants such as BaraBoo, Domu, Manekin, etc. I hope you enjoy this city as much as I did! 

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