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My Erasmus experience in Preston, UK by Victor

Why did you choose to go to Preston, UK/

To explore the world and other cultures - I got what I wanted!

What is student life like in Preston?

It's great - there are lots of meet ups and constant opportunities to get to know people.

Would you recommend the city and university of Preston to other students?

Yes, but I would say that neither the architecture nor the weather are particularly strong points of the city. But I do think it's great for young people from Europe to meet people from other parts of Europe and learn about the cultures. It also helps them develop and learn to work together more effectively.

What is the food like?

Sadly, very american. You also pay quite a lot for food that is a lower quality than food in France.

Was is difficult to find accommodation in Preston?

Not at all, it's really easy to find accommodation and the buildings are well maintained.

What is the cost of living like?

Quite expensive.

How did you find learning the language? Did you take part in classes organised by the university?

The university offers free voluntary language courses. Learning the language was easy because the lecturers communicate well and are very understanding. The fact that you are also in touch with international students every day means that you can practice all the time.

What is the best way of getting around Preston?

On foot.

Where do you recommend going out in Preston?

House parties - it's the best way of improving your language skills!

And for food? Where are your favourite places?


What about cultural activities?

Manchester, Liverpool, London, Cardiff... you won't find a lot of culture in Preston itself, rather in the neighbouring cities. The train links are great so it's easy to travel to other places.

Any advice for future students in Preston?

Join clubs as soon as you arrive!

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