Erasmus Prague 2021/2022 (ENGLISH)

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Hey yooo!!

My name is Andreea, I am a Sociology student in the 2nd year and I am from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. I'm going to study in the winter semester at Charles University in Prague. I saw only Spanish threads on here and I said I'm going to create a English one so we can all communicate and get to know eachother.

Soooo?? Where are you from and what are you going to study?

Let's meet each other! :)

Hi, my name is Daniele, I am an engineer student in the 2nd year and I come from Apulia, Italy. I'm going to study in the summer semester at Karlova University in Prague. I saw only English for the moment ?

I hope to know a lot of people in this semester. ☺️

Heeey! Looks like it is just the 2 of us here..

Hope others will join us!! :)

Hey there! Nice to meet you :)

I'm Julia, from Madrid. I'm currently studying Illustration and I'll be for the winter semester at Art & Design Institute (and maybe summer semester too). Hope we all can get along! 

Hi !

I'm Julie, I'm a French engineering student. I'm going to spend the whole year at Karlova University. I hope to meet lot of people ?

Hey there!!

I'm Celia, from Spain and currently studying International Relations. Next year 2021-2022 (spring semester) I will be doing an erasmus in Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze (VSE University in Prague).

I would love to meet new people so if anyone's going to the same university as me or just want to hang out around the city, don't hesitate to talk to me!

Hi, I'm Laura, a french student in chemical engineering school in France. I am going to do an internship in UCT Prague this summer. (from may to august 2021) That's why I would like to meet new people here :) I would love visit Prague with new people !

Hope to meet you and don't hesitate to talk to me !


I'm Laura a student in computer engineering currently in Paris, France. I'll be in Prague from september to January 2021-2022 at CVUT. 

I'd love to meet new people, so do not hesitate to message me wether you're going to the same university or not :)

Showing 1-8 of 8 entries


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