Erasmus Prague 2021-2022 (English)

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Hey Guys, 

I'm looking for some romemates who will be studying in Prague for the first semester in 2021-2022 (sep-dec). I'm Rianne, a dutch Medicine student at the Vrije Universiteit in Amtsterdam and I will be studying a major Medicine at the Charles University. I would love to live with some other students from all over the world to enjoy Prague together (ook als je Nederlands bent :).

If you are interested to become housemates, please respond. :) 

Hi, I will study in Czech Technical University in Prague. We can contact if you are interested in becoming flatmate.


I am Nikhil. Iam from Mauritius. Iwillbe studying at the Czech Universty of Life sciences and will do a course in Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing. as fromSeptember 2021.Previously I did some course in the US, Spain and Netherlands. I like travel adventures , photography, sports (football and tennis mostly).  I am looking for a place to share with other students with own room in a good area.

Please respond shareinformation on yourself, costs involved and any other.


Showing 1-3 of 3 entries


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