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erasmus in the pandemic

I think the unluckiest Erasmus student is (2020-2021) is erasmus students before the came here already we didn 't  know any thing just we were excited and we hoped a good erasmus life but we knew the realite . I came a week late until I came firstly for 15 days latter for all semester than for all year is decided be online it was  first shock and first disappointment (as you see) we couldn' t go school . There is no only one  disappointment  I came here and I sturted explore the city(Czestochowa) here is the one off smalest city off Poland .And we walked all city I think only 1-2 day because city is really small and for covid all restaurant , pub, gym bla bla has became closed than our lecture sturted some lecture was easy and their teacher is understanding people  for all year I took 13 lecture only 3 lecture was hard if study normal you can pass all lecture my teachers are helpful people . if you have problem you can ask them ussualy they repply you and help you solve your problem  . than the neighbor country closed thier border it 's mean we couldn 't travel especially begin off the second semester  student 's could travel end off the second semester than vaccin . I hope when you reading this article there is no covid in the world and super erasmus life waiting  you !! but I am not sure  when it will finish  so I writing this article before come you can have information . For my turkish friend here not so multi culture place I think %60 student from turkey and maybe 20% spanish and some others country .

But I am not regret I met with a lott of student others culture , not much (for covid !!)  I traveled , I developed my english it was a good experience I think all student before gradute should min one times join an erasmus program  . this process teach us precious knowlage and when we will be old people we will have some good ,fantastice story 


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