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erasmus 2019/2020 - looking for a flatmate

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Hey! I'm 22 years old, from Lima-Perú and I'm doing an intership in Paris School of Business around 1st of September until January. Me and one girl from Madrid found a very good apartment in district 13 with 3 beds and 2 bedrooms so we are looking for one girl to share it, the apartment it's really nice so if you are interested send me a message  and I will tell you all the details :)


Hey, what is rent ?

Hey I am 26, and from Dublin, Ireland. I will be studying in Paris for the same time as you :) I am very intersted in learning more about the apartment. Can you advise if the 3rd roomate will rent the room seperate or sharing and where is the aprtment? Thank you

Karen I send you a message :)

Hii, I'll be studying in Paris from September to December also, so if you haven't found a roommate I would like to know more about the appartment!! I'm very sociable and I like meeting new people, so let me know :)

Showing 1-5 of 5 entries


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