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Making new friends Palma de Mallorca 2021-2022

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Hi there!

My name is Farah, I'm a 20 y/o Belgian girl who will study Tourism at the UIB from September 2021 'till June 2022. Me and 2 other students (boy and girl) are looking for a flat to rent togheter or 3 seperate rooms in a shared flat! 

We will arrive the 5th of september and are looking forward to meet lots of new people and to make the best memories! So if you already want to make a friend (or 3) before arriving... ;) 

Love to hear from all of you!

Groetjes, Farah 

Hi, I'll be there in February 2022 too. It would be great to make friends before you come :)

Hi Farah, I am Aina and i will move to palma the first of october. I would love to do something with you and your friends.

Hi Farah, next semester me and two friends (girls) from Mexico are going to study in UIB for a semester. We are going to arrive the second week of september 2021 and we will stay until february 2022.

We are looking forward to meet new people as well, and we hope we have such a great time there.

Lets keep in touch. =)

Hoi Farah,

Ik ben Yesmin en ik ga International Business studeren aan UIB van september tot februari! Lijkt me super leuk om in contact te komen :)

Hey!! I'm Irene and I'm 22. I study business in Palma. I'll be here all course 2021-2022. Is there any wp group for erasmus people? Or meeting new people?

Hi Aina and Irene, I am lookong for roommates to share a flat with and will also be shifting the 1st of october, I would like to know if you guys already have one?

I am 18 years old and looking for roommate, if you know anyome with a shared flat or willing to find and share one please dont hesitate to contact me

Hi Melba, I would love to meet you. We could do something next week!!

Hi everyone! I'm from France and I study tourism (3rd year) in Palma and I'm looking forward to make new friends too :) send me à message of you want to hang !

Hi!! I'm Rocío and I'm 24. I work in Palma now.

Hi! I'm Míra and I'm from Hungary. I'm going to study tourism at the UIB in the spring semester and I'm looking forward to meet new people and make new friends, too. :) 

Hello ! I'm Mélodie from France and i'm doing an internship in a law firm, i'm 23 and i would love to meet new people !! I speak spanish and english!

Showing 1-14 of 14 entries


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