20 year old male from the U.S. looking for roommates/accomodation in Oviedo

  • Move in date: 7 January 2022
  • Minumum stay: 5 months

I'm going to be staying in Oviedo from early January (around the 7th) until the end of May, studying computer engineering as well as Spanish at La Casa de Las Lenguas. I'm introverted but not shy, like to keep organized, and speak intermediate Spanish. I will be taking classes near both Milán and Cristo campuses, so I prefer to find a place in the middle or close to one of those. I'm looking for other university students to room with so if you're interested, please message me!

About me / us Things that my roommate should have
Gender 1 boy Not specified
Age 20 18 - 99
Occupation Not specified Not specified
Smoker Not specified Not specified
Partying Not specified Not specified
Pet Not specified Not specified

6 months ago

Tags: Flatmates Oviedo, Oviedo, Spain

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