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Between classes: Titanic

Published by flag- Yasmina del Campo — 3 years ago


If you are going as an Erasmus student to Milan Campus (Oviedo's university, Faculty of Philosophy and Letters) I will give you a warning: Do not go to the Faculty Coffee. Is true that it is cheap, but it is also quite bad quality. But don't worry, just in front of the Campus, you can find Titanic, which has been my favorite between-classes coffee for three years (The same as I've been studying there).


The waiters are very kind and energetic, and they have the ability to transmit that energy to you (Not even joking!). The Coffee cost an average price (Small 1. €10/ Medium 1. 20) and tastes quite good (It won't cause you, stomach ache, as the one from the University coffee). There is a great variety of sandwiches ("Pinchos"), all for €1.00.


Also, if you do not have time to go home to have lunch, you can eat at the Titanic as well. I would recommend you "Platos combinados". I especially fancy numbers 5 and 7. They are also affordable and yummy.

In this place you will find many local people and workers having their morning snacks, but there is also a university atmosphere, as there are many students from 8:30 to 15:00.


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