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Erasmus stay from January 19th to June 19th of 2008 (5 months)

Accommodation: if you get Brickebacken you will be far from the university atmosphere of the other residences, but it is 10 minutes far by bike.

Food: to have lunch or dinner in the lunch room cost about 45 SEK (suede crowns). Menu use to be ok and there is a salad buffet in the Lanhuset.

Nightclubbing: Tuesday, there is party of the exchange students in one of the residences. Wednesday, party in Strompis. Friday, party in Koren. Saturday, party in the centre.

To pass: they do not give it as a present, but it is not difficult.

Trips: Stockholm, Kiruna, Saint Petersburg, where you want to go, etc.

Weather: cold, except the end of May and June those are quite nice though with some bad days.

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