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Some information about Necmettin Erbakan University for the students who want to come here with Erasmus.

First of all, I have been studying English Language Teaching in educational faculty for two years here. I am not an Erasmus student btw. I live in Turkey and Konya is my hometown. I just wanted to give some information for the students who want to come Necmettin Erbakan University with erasmus programme. 

  If I start with the education quality (for the ELT department), there are well qualified teachers. You can improve yourself. They give some homeworks but mostly they want you to do a lot of presentations. Anyways, I don't think they challange erasmus students that much but I can't guarantee it.

  The second important thing for the erasmus students is accommodation, this school's most problematic issue. The government dorms (which is the cheapest ones) are far away from school. In order to reach the school from dorms, you should use first a tramway and then a bus. And it takes at least 1 or 1.5 hours to get there because Konya is a very big city. There are some private dorms near the school if you want. However, most of the students coming from other countries stay at Dormitory of Diyanet. It is for only boys and it has good conditions, there are meals for you and good service.You can check its comments from google. It is about 40 minutes away from school. 

  School has dining halls and it gives you turkish meals for the afternoon and evening for only 2 turkish liras (which is very cheap). I recommend you to eat there. I put some photos of the meals for you below. :)

  Social activities are a bit limited but there are a lot of community groups like Erasmus community, TEMA, Yeşilay, Halk Oyunları etc. If you join them, they do some activities. 

  The school's campus is a bit separated but most of the faculties are in Köyceğiz Campus. For example, Educational and Theology faculties are in a different place. Köyceğiz Campus is located on a nearly mountain, so walking to the faculties is a bit difficult in winter times but most of the students slide down on the icy ramp as an easy way you can try. :) Here's a video about it. XD. However, the faculties are builded newly so they have good class environments and technologically improved. I put some of the faculties' and campus' photos below :) 

  I hope this will help you. Here is Necmettin Erbakan University with its pros and cons. For the students coming here, Welcome already! :)

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