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hi everyone. does anyone know what the student nightlife is like? 3 irish lads heading over. we will be living in the city centre. is there many nightclubs , bar

alright barry... your quick to organise our nights out... :)

Great, like always, irish people, organizing the party, haha.

I live in Murcia and I've been in touch with Erasmus students during 4 years because I'm in "ESN" (Erasmus Student Network). I'll explain you how works the party in Murcia.

What I can say... you will love the party here. Usually you will start your night drinking in an "Erasmus flat" (I mean, the house of a friend), there you will make a "botelleo" (to buy drinks in super market and then to drink them all). After that, if you are able to walk, you will go to the city center (Murcia is REALLY small, you will be always walking to all the places).

On the city center, near de university "La Merced", the are lot of small disco-pubs (called "las tascas"). There is one place that all the Erasmus know and that loves to go: "Badulake". Believe me or not, you will spend there half or your Erasmus :D. They have international music and cheap drinks.

But you will always now that each disco-pub, has a special night. For example "Wednesday in Badulake for Erasmus" with free beer. Or Tuedays in Chambala.

There are other places like "La Puerta Falsa", "Jazz and Cocktails" or "Atomic" where there are live concerts.

And if you are irish, maybe you will like our irish pub: Fitzpatrick's, with some really good beer.

There are other bigger discos, near the center, like "DNC" and "Boutique", but aren't the favourites of the Erasmus people.

And outside the city center, in the surroundings, there are bigger discos, like "Novo", but you will usually need a car for that, and someone that dosen't drink and drives you.

See you soon! :D

free beer on wednesdays, sounds dangerous. ::tongue:: looks like we are going to be going out alot.. thanks for the advice.. see you in murcia...

Barry says: "free beer on wednesdays, sounds dangerous"... I say: "I like that man!"

See all you drinkers at "Wednesday in Badulake for Erasmus".. and remember.. italian people like to drink!

sounds good. it looks like there will be plenty of you there to go drinking. i might even learn some spanish words aswell :)

Do they do cider in any bars in Murcia? It's my favourite drink in England..... :-)

oh, german people can drink very much, too! ;) see you all! :)

mmm Free beer sounds awesome!! :)

Kathryn Matters... Cider... in spanish "SidraWell, sure we have... but we usually drink it for special occasions only. But wait... we have a place you will like, it is called "La sidrería escondida", near de university. A little bit expensive, but a great place in order to eat "tapas" and "sidra" (cider).

What young spanish people drink is rum, whiskey, vodka and beer for going out (that the most usual), and also sometimes wine for eating with friends.

Black rum (Matusalén, Pampero, Brugal, Negrita, Capitán Morgan, Santa Teresa, Guayabita) is a drink you will see a lot in Spain.

we`ll check then who`s gonna keep the good drinking tempo :D

well lads. it looks like there will be a good crowd for the nights out. i'm flying out with two other lads on sept 11th. we will see if ye can keep up with us.

me encanta sidra............ :-)

Glad to see theres some other Irish people heading over! Cant wait to get the party started! Watch out Murcia :P

IRISH INVASION! Soon in your favourite pub!

Get ready for Murcia!! Spanish people can drink as much as irish, will see you at bars!!! ::wink::

Ohhh we are afraid of you all Irish!!

jeje :-)

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