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Erasmus Milan 2021 / 2022 (English)

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Welcome to the forum for Erasmus Milan 2021 / 2022!

This is the place where Erasmus students, or any exchange students, that are headed for Milan in 2021 / 2022 can introduce themselves and get to know one another before they arrive. Introduce yourself to the forum and ask any questions you may have about the city, the University, where to stay, where to eat, the prices and cost of living in Milan, places for Erasmus parties or any other question you may habe. Here you can also find:

Warning! If you want to advertise an accommodation or your are looking for one... the forum is not the place for doing that. In order to advertise your accommodation in Milan or in order to find roommates don’t use this forum, go to the accommodation section of Milan.

Livin' la vida Erasmus!

Holaaaaa me llamo Carla, estudio periodismo bilingüe en la UC3M de Madrid. El año que viene estaré en Milan en la Universitá degli studi di Milano, por si alguien quiere conocer o hacer grupo. Estaré allí el segundo cuatri, 


Holaa! soy Melany de Madrid y estudio derecho en la URJC y el año que viene estaré en la Universitá degli studi di Milano el segundo cuatri y me gustaría ir conociendo gente para ayudarnos en todo y sobre todo en el tema piso/residencia! :) 

Hiii! my name is Paula and I study Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences at Leiden University. Next year, I am participating to the Erasmus+ exchange program at the university of Milano-Bicocca! I really would like to meet students who are also going to Milan in the first semester of 2021/2022 and maybe find a convenient place to live. :))

Hola! Me llamo Cándido, estudio Ingeniería Química en la UJI de Castellón. El año que viene estudiaré en el POLIMI de Milán. Me gustaría ir conociendo a gente e ir compartiendo información sobre tema de alojamiento y así hacer más ameno todo de cara al próximo curso!  Estaré todo el curso así que también podré ayudar a los que necesiten información para el segundo semestre.

I have no problem communicating in English for people outside Spain!

Heyy guys! My name is Wiktoria and I am going to the University of Milano-Bicocca in the winter semester of 2021 :D I'm looking forward to meeting you all!

Hi everyone! My name is Pedro, I am from Portugal, I am studying International Relations and I will be studying at Cattolica in the winter semester of 2021. Looking forward to meeting people in the same situation!

Hiya! I'm Anna, I'm from Germany and I study Photography at the FH Dortmund. I'll be studying at Brera Academy in the winter semester of 2021. I'm still looking for accommodation and I'd love to meet new people who are also coming to Milan in September! :)

Hi!! My name is Maria and I'm an architecture student from Barcelona! Im going to the Polimi of Milan next year and i will love to meet international buddies to travel all around Italy! Also looking for a roomate and apartment in Milan, don't hesitate to contact me if you are in the same situation!

Hii my name is Valentina and I'm from Buenos Aires. In September I'll be studying corporate communication and public relations in IULM. I'm also looking for future friends in the area!

Hi! I'm Ana and I’m 21 years old. I’m a fashion design student from Spain and I'm going to study in Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera (ABAB) for the Spring semester.

I looking for new friends to explore the city of Milan and perhaps other Italian places.

I'm also looking for roommates / a shared apartment so if you're interest you can check my ad in my profile or contact me here.

Hi! My name is Dariya and I'm from Tarragona (SPAIN). I am currently studying at the faculty of economics and, I will do my Erasmus at Cattolica. I am currently looking for some accommodation in Milan so, I am open to finding a romie  :)

PD: Don't hesitate to contact me if you are in the same situation. 

Hi! I'm Núria and I'm from Barcelona. I'm an Interior design student and I'm going to study at Polimi during the spring semster. I'm looking for roomates and to meet people who will be around next year! I'm also looking for roomates.

I am Yorick and moving to Milan from Darmstadt, Germany (near Frankfurt). I will study the Masters Program Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs at UNIMI and would really like to meet some cool people and make new friends. I really like a lot of stuff from going out to dance, visiting art galleries or just spending a nice evening with good food, good people and maybe a few games.

Also I am still looking for accomodation and happy about any help. :)

Hey my name is Stella and I'm from Germany :) This fall I'm going to study at Bicocca University through Erasmus and now I am looking for a female roomate to share an apartment with. 

I am very open-minded, outgoing and friendly and this is also what I am looking for in my roomate. Not only looking for a roomate but also new friends! :)

I hope to find someone to be friends with and have a great time there. :) 

Hi my name is Álvaro im a civil engineering student, ill be in september studying in milan as an exchange student at politecnico di milano, im looking for a group to share appartment, i really like to meet new people and have fun, and i would love to make a group so we could travel and go out, i like to travel and parties.. hehe

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Hello everyone!! My name is Mafalda Portela im a 20yo portuguese and I will do Erasmus in IULM-Milano in the second semester of 2021/2022.

I have already found an apartment for two people 30 minutes from the IULM college worth 700€ with all expenses included, so it would be 350€ each

Hello everyone! My name is Nicky and I currently go to unimi on an Erasmus exchange. I don't know anyone in the city, so I would be happy to meet new friends :)

Hi guys! I am Barish and I am studying psychology in Cattolica. I would love to make new friends as I don't know a lot of people yet. If you are also looking for friends or someone to hang out with, you can hit me up.

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