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To Maribor from Turkey

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Hi, My name is Gökçe Kul. I am from Turkey, İzmir. I would like to meet those who will be in Maribor, Slovenia in the fall semester next year.

Hi, i am Behare, from North Macedonia, planning to go to maribor next semester. I would be happy to meet you.

Hello, Behare. Nice to meet you. I hope to see you in maribor. What is your department? And where do you plan to stay?

Well I am studying English language and literature and i will be in the Faculty of Arts. Hopefully i will be staying in the school dormitory. HBU?

Hey! I will be in Maribor as well. Which dormitort are you folks applying to. I will be in the Faculty of Arts as well. Have you learned any Slovenian?

Hi, i have no idea at which dormitory i will be applying, but im sure i will be in the school's dormitory. I've actually learned some words in Slovenian, hbu?

Hi, today I looked for dormies. They are two that I looked for GOSPOSVETSKA 89 and QUADRO, Gorkega 45. Have you ever researched which one do you think is better?

hi Gokçe, i actually did some reasearch on QUADRO, Gorkega 45, and i liked them a lot but i dont know where to apply and stuff, if any idea please let me know. 

Hey Behare, I liked Quadro too but I guess it is a little bit away from the main center of maribor. You can apply from your acceptance mail I guess.

Oh actually they send you an email with your acceptance letter Behare. You gotta send the form sent with your acceptance letter to a specific email given in your acceptance email.  I, myself, for example preferred Quadro as it is a newer dorm itself and common-use places such as restrooms and kitchens are more private (a restroom is used by four student in Quadro for example, and as we are supposed to clean those areas ourselves, it makes more sense from my point of view) compared to the other two. But you got to choose one specifically (otherwise they wouldn't accept your application as they stated in their e-mail of acceptance). Hope I have been of help. Have a great day, Yusuf.

Hello everyone, I will be in Maribor as well. Have you finished your documentation process?

hello beyza, actually no i am still waiting for them to send me the Acceptence letter, how about you? 

Hi Behare, have you contacted the erasmus office about your letter? I got mine and right now I'm trying to find a translator for the translation of my documents.

i did contact them but its not like they help me a lot, even my faculty staff contacts them 

Showing 1-14 of 14 entries


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