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Erasmus Manchester 2015/2016 (English, French)

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I know its a long way away but I'm a student at the University of Manchester currently doing an erasmus placement in Toulouse, France and living with a french student. 

When I go back to Manchester next year for my final year (2015/2016) I thought it would be cool to live with a french erasmus student coming to manchester! That way I won't lose my french that I'm starting to master and I can help with your english too.

I know manchester really well and I'm already on the hunt for apartments/houses :)

Message me if you're interested!


We are three Spanish girls that are going to study in Manchester from September to December (but we can see any solution for all the year). we are responsible and very funny, if you are interested, contact us!

We are 2 Spanish girls that are going to Manchester from January to Jun or July. We'll study at University of Manchester and we are looking for English, French or Chinesse flatmates! If you are interested, contact us :)


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Showing 1-4 of 4 entries


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