Working in the internet without paying anything | Student jobs Lublin

Working in the internet without paying anything

  • Company name or name of the person in charge: Maciej
  • Job vacancy: Working in the internet without paying anything
  • Number of vacancies: 50
  • Salary in $: 1000.00 $ Monthly

Join our team Mxrevshare and earn online even without their own contribution.

Easy money just for 1h a day or less.

Clicking and watching paid advertising DAILY ADS.
You can view up to 100 of these ads a day, which gives $ 0.50, or earn per advertisement, and after 10 days of such a watch, you can buy your first pack of advertising, without its own financial contribution
How does MXRev $ hare?
For example, buying ad - pack. for $ 50 we receive part of the proceeds generated by the sale of advertising services.
Buying packages (adpack), gives us the opportunity to receive part of the proceeds of the company (each package for $ 50 a day it gives us approx. $ 1 return / profit). Daily calculation up to 2.5% per day.
One package worth $ 50 generates us $ 5 "profit" for 44 days at 2.5% is accrued daily. Computation of the daily 2.5% is not a fixed value and can be changed.
We have three types of packages:
Millionaire Adpack
Price: $ 50 - Develop $ 55.00 (110%)
Prepaid for 1 parcel (Banner Impressions) 10,000
Millionaire Ad Credits (number of visits) 1,000
Maximum active packages: no limit
Small Adpack
Price: $ 25 - Develop $ 27.50 (110%)
Prepaid for 1 pack (Banner Impressions) 5,000
Millionaire Ad Credits (number of visits) 500
Maximum active packages 500, will develop a $ 13.750
mini Adpack
Price: $ 5 - earns $ 5.50 (110%)
Prepaid (Banner Impressions) 1,000
Millionaire Ad Credits (number) 100
Maximum active packages 100, will develop $ 550
Recommending program MXRev $ hare and its advertising services to others and earn 10% commission on each of their purchase and the repurchase of earned money.. A package of ads (that is For each package at $ 50, which will purchase your registered, you will receive every time $ 5). For the second and third level will receive a 5% commission from each purchase.
Buying advertising services in MXRev $ hare and promoting businesses, services or partner programs and watch free advertising and the acquisition of advertising credits to display your ads on MXRev $ hare)
The project is Repurchase Balance 50/50 or 50% of the balance of payments of principal and reinvested earnings and 50% goes to the account of Repurchase / MX with which we can buy dies ... or buy another adpacks (optional).
Buying adpacks can perform both the primary balance and the account Repurchase / MX, we can also transfer funds from the account balances of the main Repurchase / MX.
Every day we click 10 advertising to receive a daily calculation of commissions for adpacks.
That is not enough that through this form of advertising (banners, text), you can acquire customers and partners to your other businesses, it is still being paid from MXRev $ hare (adpacks, cashlinks).
I already work - worth.


5 years ago

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