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Spring semester 2020

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Hello people,I will be studying in university of lodz during the second semester of the following year (2019-2020). I am in the process of finding some information about the place and the university,so if anyone of you has any tips it would be very useful.

My main concern for now is the accomodation, because I have previous experience from staying in a student dorm at Romania,but it didn't go really well. I was really looking forward to staying there, and the first few weeks were okay,but the dorms were not good and I suffered a lot.(Speaking from experience,as someone who goes camping since she was 3 years old,I genuinely have very few expectations when it comes to the place I have to stay,but the conditions in Romania were actually bad.I actually had to visit a dermatologist in order to cure a skin infection I got in my face because of the lack of sanitary conditions!!)

So,I am considering applying for the university dorms,but if the conditions are anything close to that,I would rather prefer to rent a room in a shared flat or in a private dorm.

Do you have any idea on what I should do,in order to have the best experience possible?

Hello! My name is Mónica Santos and I too will be an erasmus student next year. If you need someone to share a flat with in lodz send me a message :) 

thank you a lot, when the time comes I will contact you if i decide to rent a flat

Hi, I am also gonna be in lodz for spring semester. if you need someone too send me a message 

Showing 1-4 of 4 entries


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