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Historical research

  • Company name or name of the person in charge: Damian Ellwood
  • Job vacancy: Historical research
  • Number of vacancies: 1

I live in Melbourne, Australia. I am writing a book largely involved with the former Colonial possession of Portuguese Timor especially in the period 1941 - 1942. I am looking for an experienced history student to do some research in the Portuguese state archives for communications relevant to the invasion of Portuguese Timor, then a Neutral State in WW2, by Australian and Dutch troops on 17 December 1941. This would involve accessing Portuguese Government records especially at a diplomatic level between Portugal, Japan, Germany, Australia and Great Britain from that date until the Japanese invasion of the Territory on 17 February 1942 and possibly for some days thereafter. I am happy to negotiate an hourly rate. 

James Damian

13 days ago

Tags: Student Jobs Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal

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