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Street Art

Upload photos of Lisbon!

If you have photos of Lisbon or any of its landmarks, the university, sights, views, gastronomy, people, parties, etc... upload your photos to Erasmusu!. Other travellers will see them too.

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  • fractal Gediminas Jesinas 6 years ago

    Nice psychedelic wall painting :) Where to look for it?

  • Cristina Peña 6 years ago

    If you like street art I recomend to you to walk around the city because is full of graffities(and get lost sometimes as well) .Btw, this one you can look for it in "Rua São José, 228" ..enjoy :)

  • fractal Gediminas Jesinas 6 years ago

    Yes, I like art and was myself artist student. But I'm going to love a lot of things about Lisbon :)

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