Experience in Linares (Andalusia, Spain) by César

What do you think of Linares to live there? Would you recommend it? How is it like?

It is a great town, 100% recommendable.

How is student lifestyle in Linares?

There is very little student's life. It is a small town but charming.

What is the cost of living in Linares?

Very little, 300-400€ per month.

Did you find hard to find accommodation in Linares? Can you give any piece of advice?

No, there are adverts at the university and on webpages.

How is local food? What are your favourite meals?

There are plenty of options: you can have lunch at the university for 4€ or less.

What places would you recommend to visit in Linares?

On the one hand, Castulo iberorroman ancient town: http://castulolinares.com or the archaeological museum: https://www.linaresturismo.es/museos/museo/museo-arqueologico/. It is a mining town from the Classical Antiquity.

On the other hand, I suggest going for a walk in the historical city, "Seven Corners'" Square, "Santa María la Mayor's" Basilica, Town Hall's Square and "Pasaje del Comercio", among others.

And to eat out in Linares? Can you name your favourite ones?

There are a lot of bars with variety, anyone is great.

What places would you recommend to go on a night out in Linares?

It depends on the ambiance. There are discos but there are usually pubs which are great to spend time in between.

Do you want to give any piece of advice to future students in Linares?

Go to Linarejos football stadium if you want to enjoy!

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