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Lille: model/actress for a good deed

  • Job vacancy: Lille: model/actress for a good deed
  • Number of vacancies: 1

Hello !


We are a group of (girl-)friends and we want to cheer up a (guy-)friend after a tough breakup. We are looking for a woman between 18 and 30 to help him rebuild his self-confidence, ideally a model or actress.


Your « mission » is to « randomly » meet your target and flirt with him a bit (smile, light touch on the arm,… nothing too involved). It should not take more than one hour of your time and be a lot of fun. Indeed, our friend is handsome, professionally sucessful and super smart/cultivated (graduated from one of the top 5 universities in the world).


That friend will be visiting Lille on October 27th and 28th and you must be available one of these nights. Although he can speak French, he will be with a group of international friends (60% female) therefore the exchange will be mainly in English.


Your profile :

-       18 to 30 year old

-       Experience in acting or modeling

-       Minimum 170cm (175+cm prefered) with a sense of French elegance

-       Fluent English

-       Willing to test your charming skills on a world-class target ad help a great person get back on his feet

-       Outgoing, smart with a playful personnality

-       Capable to keep your mission a secret


No intimacy is required so if you provide « professional services » don’t bother contacting us. For your safety, I will give you my phone number and you are welcome to bring a friend, provided (s)he can keep the secret.


If you are interested, I would like to review your portfolio so PM me.


Cheers !


3 years ago

Tags: Student Jobs Lille, Lille, France

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