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Erasmus in France 2019/2020

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Hello to everyone,

I am an italian student of philosophy based on Turin. I am heading to come in the North of France for the Erasmus exchange. Actually I didn't decided for a destination yet. My options are Lille, Nancy, Rennes, Nantes, Bordeaux (the only one in the South). 

Unluckily, my only budget is from scholarships and economic aids, so one of my preoccupations is about money. So: 1) How much expensive are rents for rooms? 2) Are there some university residences and is it simple to have a place? 3) Is it possible like in other european cities to find a little job also if i can't handle French so well? 4) What about government or university scholarships? Someone knows this topic?

Apart of this, I would like to know everything is possible about university and the city. Transports, people, movida. I would prefer to share a flat with a french guy or girl in order to speak more French every day. I am a serious, sociable, curious and peaceful boy. I really want to study, but also to make new acquaintances and experiences.

Well, if you can tell me something or you want to know me, I'm very happy to have a little chat with you.



Showing 1-1 of 1 entries


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