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Hola!! Soy Marta Mesa, estudiante de Nutricion en la Universidad de Valencia y voy a estar en Lille el primer semestre de Erasmus.

Hola! Soy Marina, estudiante de Lenguas Modernas en Madrid, y estaré en Lille el año entero de Erasmus.

Hola, Martes y Marina. Soy Anne-Laure, estudiante de IUT A en Lille.

I'm not an erasmus but i'ms just un french girl which live at Reunion Island.

It's my first time in Lille and I have much probems with online inscription.
I can't do my online inscription
You have meet too this problems ?

Sorry i'm very bad for talk in Espognol

Hi Anne-Laure! What kind of problems do you have? Are you talking about the college inscription? 

When i connect me in online inscriptuin (college). I have this message : you not have any formation for this year.

I don't undertand because i accepted my formation on e-candidat (i don't know if you used this site but e-candidat permit to select your formation and when you have a favorable opinion you would accept this formation).

The University will close tomorrow and it's impossible for me to do my inscription

Showing 1-5 of 5 entries


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