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Erasmus Leuven 2015 / 2016 (English)

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Welcome to the forum for Erasmus Leuven 2015 / 2016!

This is the place where Erasmus students, or any exchange students, that are headed for Leuven in 2015 / 2016 can introduce themselves and get to know one another before they arrive. Introduce yourself to the forum and ask any questions you may have about the city, the University, where to stay, where to eat, the prices and cost of living in Leuven, places for Erasmus parties or any other question you may habe. Here you can also find:

Warning! If you want to advertise an accommodation or your are looking for one... the forum is not the place for doing that. In order to advertise your accommodation in Leuven or in order to find roommates don’t use this forum, go to the accommodation section of Leuven.

Livin' la vida Erasmus!

Hi! I'm Iván, I'm 21 years old. I have already been accepted by the University to study economics in Leuven for the first semester so I'll be there, I'm from Valladolid in Spain and I'm so excited to go and meet some friends and have a beers ;)

Hello! I'm Natalia and I'm currently studying journalism in Barcelona. I've been accepted by KU Leuven to study during the second semester (Jan-June 2016). Hoping to meet people :)

Hi! :) I'm Cihan form Turkey.. I and my wife have been accepted to Leuven KU Spatial Planning Department. We'll be studying in Leuven for two semesters starting from September 2015. We're looking forward to the city, the people and the academy in Leuven :)

By the way, we are also looking for accommodation opportunities in Leuven together with my wife.. !!!

Hey guys, I'm Florian and I'll be studying general management in Leuven come September. I am a bit mixed up nationally so I'll just say that I am from a Slovak family and have lived in Germany, Belgium and the USA. 

I have a question for you people as some of you might be better informed than me. I am not part of the Erasmus exchange, but find forums like these quite helpful! Do you know of any people who studied/ are studying in Leuven? I wonder if in general people just look for individual housing and kots, or if in Leuven people also tend to go for roommates and share housing? The ones I have encountered so far all told me that they live individually.  I have studied my bachelor in the USA so I am used to having roommmates around and not living by myself which in most cases is more fun anyways. 

Hey guys!

My names Ellen, Im from Ireland and myslef and my friend Kerri have both been accepted to study in Leuven for the full academic year of 2015/16. We have no idea where to even begin looking for accomodation, are people planning on staying in the residencies or finding your own places? 

Look forward to meeting everyone!

get to the student acconodation centre on naamsestrat, they'll find you a room for the best price and with little or no hassle!

Hey Alan thanks for replying, we're actually not going to be traveling over untill September so is there an email or contact number instead?  

Hi! I am a 22 year old Political Science student from Finland. My name is Hedvig but people usually call me Heddi :) I am going to study at KU Leuven for the full academic year 2015/2016. I would be happy to find some roommates to live with in Leuven. My mother tongue is Swedish, but I also speak English, Finnish and a little bit of German. I like to do sports and especially play football, since I've played a lot in different teams in Finland. I look forward coming to Leuven and meeting you all!

Hi all,

My name is Arda and I am 23. I have got acceptance from KU Leuven Electrical and Electronics Engineering Master Programme so I will be studying in Leuven for 2 years starting from 2015-2016 fall semester. I am so excited to meet all of you and make some new friends. :)

Hey everyone!

I'm a 22 year old student from France, and will be studying business in KU Leuven for the first semester! :) I'm very joyful and open-minded, I love to travel and meet new people!

I'd also love to find roommates to live with during this semester!
Looking forward to meeting all of you very soon :)

Hello everybody!

I'm a 24 years old student from Italy, and I'll be a future erasmus student i  KU Leuven in the first semester! I'm open- minded and I've already lived in a mixed house ( with 2 boys and a girl). I'm looking for an accomodation  for this period .. if anyone has heard about smt please contact me! 

I also speak spanish and french! 

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hi Guys,

I'm Giuseppe and I'm a 23 years old Italian student of the Master Degree Programme in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Bologna. On the next semester I will spent an exchange period in Leuven at the Faculty of Engineering Science. I have got a room in the Don Bosco Peda residence. I'm looking forward to live this experience and to share it with new friends! Hope to meet you in Leuven!

Hi everyone!

I'm Paula and I'm a Management and Business Administration student from Spain. I will be living in Leuven for the whole academic year. I have been accepted in a residence near the city center and i would like to know if anyone knows how the residence life is. I can´t wait to move there and meet new people!

See you in Leuven :)

Hiiiiii !!!

I know I'm a little late, but I would like to know people ! My name is Ana, and I will study for the first period in Leuven! I'll Start on September 7, is anyone  going on that date ??

On the other hand, I still do not have accommodation there, so I would like to find a a residence, if it's still possible. Does anyone know of anyone?

thank you very much !! :)

hii !I'm Calum, 22 years old and from Edinburgh, Scotland. Moving to KU Leuven on the 4th of September and studying politics for the full year. Buzzingg to get started ! still haven't sorted out accomodation yet, think i'l go private. Was just going to head to the accommodation office when I fly out. Anyone else doing the same? If anyone's keen for flat sharing let me know ! looking forward to meeting everyone, not long now :)

Hey, I am Gabriele from Turin, Italy and I will do my master thesis in Leuven starting from end of February 2016 to the end of July.

I would like to find a single room in a shared house, possibly with other 2-3 funny students ;)

Looking forward to meeting all of you!!

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