Erasmus experiences La Plata

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    Experience in La Plata, Argentina by Javier

    What is it like to live in La Plata? Would you recommend it? What is the city like? The city is a square, with a lot of diagonals, nothing much to doWhat is the student lifestyle like in La Plata? Great univercityHow much does it cost to live in La Plata? U$s 500 per...

    0 by Javier, one year ago
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    Erasmus Experience in La Plata, Argentina by daniel

    Why did you choose to go to La Plata, Argentina? I met an Argentinian girl who came from LP so I went to live with her,I was there over 7 years and I am going back in January ry,England.2014,I am currently in my own countHow long is the scholarship? How much money do...

    0 by daniel, 7 years ago

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