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Experience for life in the beer city

First of all, you should know that Belgium doesn't have a single national language hence it can be very different depending where you go. In my case, I decided to go as exchange student to KULeuven during one year and it was a memorable experience.

This is a small city and is mostly populated by students so that means meeting a lot of new young people. Leuven it's twenty minutes away from Brussels by train and it's quite a perfect spot to travel to Paris, Amsterdam or Cologne


There are two things that I liked the most about the school and the city. Even when most of people go to merely enjoy the exchange experience, I'd suggest to take advantage of the faculty members of KULeuven. I had a couple of distinguished professors with very interesting lectures. Yes, I am afraid to tell you that classes are very demanding; therefore if you plan to party everyday and still pass your exams that's rather utopic at KU Leuven.

About the city, I believe that is perfect if you party everyday with little money since this isn't an expensive place: this is the city where Stella Artois comes from; hence beer it's ridiculously cheap! You should know that when belgian people decide to get wasted they are very serious about it.

In sum, if you wanna study and party; this is school for you in Belgium. Enjoy Leuven! You won't regret it ever!

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Comments (5 comments)

  • Carolina Arancio 6 years ago


    I'm Carolina and i'm from Catania,Sicily.I would know if we can take the exams in English in this university.Thanks,byeee :)

  • Beatrice Paolini 5 years ago

    Hi, I'm Beatrice and I'm from Italy. I would like to know what have you studied in Lueven.

  • Benedicte Hemelaer 4 years ago

    "You should know that when belgian people decide to get wasted they are very serious about it." Love the sentence hahah

  • Benedicte Hemelaer 4 years ago

    @carolina arancio, English classes have English exams !

  • Wiktoria Orysiak 3 years ago

    What did you study there? :)

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