• Kule Site

    Kule is famous shopping mall in KOnya  There are many restaurants and shops Each and every accessory is available there  Quality of foods is also fine  You can shop easily  You can sit and relax  So many Turkish will look at you and many will ask that where are you...

    0 by Tabinda , in What to do Konya, 3 years ago
  • Shrine of Maulana Jalal-Ul-Din Rumi

    Located in the famous city of Turkey, KOnya. Mualana Rumi was a great Sufi  Restored and partially excavated place  Town planning is much sophisticated THe place where one can feel the spiritual light Ritual Sema takes place every saturday night which is attracting...

    0 by Tabinda , in What to see Konya, 3 years ago
  • Sille

    Sille is wonderfull place in Konya city, Tureky.  Small Turkish village near to Province Konya  Region of Cappadocian Greek language Easy excrusion from Konya  Buses from city centre are going to Sille  People speek Greek of Turkish version Terrible population...

    0 by Tabinda , in What to see Konya, 3 years ago
  • Beyşehir gölü

    İn winter  are most places not that pretty as we see on pictures. But this lake makes me wonder how beautiful ebb and flow can be... İ saw  a lot of ebb and flows but on a winter day in a deserted place, i was suprised what a city like Konya has to show something...

    0 by Yagmur, in What to see Konya, 6 years ago

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