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  • Jack pub

     Okay are you someone that like shisha but also want to have a drink with that well jackpub is the place and if you don't like humans you can still go there alone and have amazing time or wait you don't like shisha that is still okay they have amazing food and good...

    0 by olachi, in Where to eat Kaunas, one year ago
  • Formosa - Bubble tea

    First of let me start by saying how much i love tea i can drink it anytime of the day and in any weather even if it is a hot summer day so it is hard you to please me with your tea and if you do then you have gotten the best recommdeation ever, LOL and this place i will...

    0 by olachi, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Kaunas, one year ago
  • Manqal - Turkish Resturant

     If you either like turkish food or you are from turkey and you just miss home i would say go here the Service,food and design of this place is trully amazing like how ahhh. I think maybe the best service in whole can go by yourself or just go with friends...

    0 by olachi, in Where to eat Kaunas, one year ago
  • Amber grill

    Before i go into the bad the place is nice , good food and cheap but i will say go and try it but only if you have nothing else to do the whole day . they have crapy service the people that work there have bad customer services they look angry all the time, they take...

    0 by olachi, in Where to eat Kaunas, one year ago
  • charlie pizza

    The place is cozy ,comfortable . the waiters are friednly and fast . you can go there and eat or go drink or to even try tradtional dish and you can find everything there you don't have to leave and go somewhere else and is also cheap. I was suprised cos the place was...

    0 by olachi, in Where to eat Kaunas, one year ago
  • Old Town

    Kaunas has a very interesting feeling to it. It is a student city, with a lot of hidden great bars and restaurants. You can find the nicest and coziest places to have a drink in the most unexpected part of town. The city is also divided in two, the Old Town and the New...

    0 by Denisse, in What to see Kaunas, 2 years ago
  • Botanical Garden

    It is not just trees and pretty flowers. It is also research, history through building and bunkers. A trip through exotic exploration, poinsen lavishness, healing ingredients from jungles to commen remidies. Place for walking, talking, for running, and a place for...

    0 by Mia, in What to do Kaunas, 3 years ago
  • Džem'pub

    The best pub in Kaunas, a club that plays live music. Džem’pub is located at the very heart of Kaunas, in the middle of Laisvės Alley. The club attracts its visitors not only with concerts of good music, discos, acoustic evenings, or karaoke, but also with beer...

    0 by Heydar, in What to do Kaunas, 6 years ago

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