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A beautiful city in the mountains


Jinotega is a beautiful city located in northern Nicaragua if you are planning to travel to Nicaragua you can not dismiss this amazing city

Ways to get to Jinotega from Managua international airport

If you are landing in Managua's international airport (only airport in Nicaragua) the best and cheapest way to get to Jinotega is by taking a cab from the airport to Mayoreo market it will be maximan 4 dollars for 4 people

Once you get to Mayoreo market you have to look for the right lane to get into the bus (becareful there are many buses with different destinations)

Well once having aboard the RIGHT bus you have to pay a transportation fee no mor than 4.50 dollars per person

The trip takes about 4 hours so be patiant it takes long time (but it is worthy)

Once you are arriving in Jinotega (after all the long trips) first you should look for your hotel or hostel, you can either walk or take a cab if you decided to walk the more time you will take to get to your hostel is 30 minutes (It is a small city) but if you decided to take a cab the most you can pay is 20 cordobas (Nicaragua currency) which is around 80 cents (dollars) per person

The hotels and hostels

If you are going to this city i would recommend to stay in a hostel which is just around 10 to  16 dollars per night per 2 people

But if you want to stay in a hotel (which is almost the same like a hostel) It will be 50 dollars per night per 2 people maximun price

Once you have traveled and you have gotten accommodation it is time to get to know the city so first place i would recommend is La Pena de la cruz which is basically you have to go up 861 steps but it is worthy you can see the whole city from there and also is a great exercise you do not have to pay admission fee (it is free for everybody) but i would recommend to go as light as possible and take proper clothes like sneakers and sport clothes 

So one you have finish all this trip which is la pena de la cruz you will be exhausted so i would recommend to go for a beer to Skyblue which is a pub located four blocks away from the central park and in that place you can enjoy a dollar beer and look for some appetizers (They do not sell main dishes just appetizers)

Once you have gone to la pena de la cruz and skyblue bar you will be really exhausted so i would recommend to go back to your hotel and relax and get a rest for next day (during this probably you are really hungry and need some food so you can buy good and cheap food from the locals sellers in this case they are call fritangeros they will offer you a good traditional food for 2.40 dollars which is around 75 cordobas) now you can go and relax for the next day in the (Hotel or Hostel second option recommended)

Second day you can take a city tour and then try to travel northern Jinotega to know a little more about the culture you should no pay more than 3 dollars for transportation and after that you are done with this amazing city and you have a good memory for ever

*You should take jackets and sweaters for your trip to this city and proper jeans, and proper shoes (mornings are usually cold in this city)

Going back to Managua

You should take a cab  10 cordobas per person (34 cents) to the bus station and there you can look for the bus which is going back to the city capital (Managua) another city that I am going to talk in another post

I hope this is helpful for you and you have enjoy your trip to this amazing city

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