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The temple of apes

Published by Patricia Ioana

Jaipur - the pink city

… city that at the beginning there was gray, but the end of the century past, and on the same visit prince Albert, has been painted in pink as a sign of welcome. A sort of pink, more terracotta, darker, but finally, let's say pink ...

the capital of the region of the west Rajasthan India, in an area looking down upon, the city is quite new, having been built over 300 years after some plans which, legend says, have complied with the indications of veda (vedele-holy books of hindus) who was in charge of space, architecture, arrangement, with strict compliance with the proportions. Initial entry gates to the city are also used by the today and separates various parts of the city. Until then, the capital region is to Amber, he visited riding elephants (really!!) and about which I say olecut' below. City of victory (Jaipur quite what it means) -but don't ask me who's victory over whom, is a city loudly colored, picturesque, an impression reinforced by the fact that the abea was presently in India and yet we have got used to spot of color which they represent this country. A city with many small craftsmen, in which shall be kept than tradition of manual work clothes, leather, ceramic glazed and even jewelry with precious stones.

I accommodated in the hotel Trident, a hotel f good, 4 star, with a large room that overlooked a garden superb, with a swimming pool in her courtyard of which, unfortunately, I couldn't take advantage pt that I didn't have time, with a restaurant, a bar very well furnished and a perfectly trained personnel (one of the first some surprises on arrival in the country - WM, to review separately with the hotel? ).

On the first day, I took a tour of the city, as I was saying, unusual with "exotismul" place, let me with his mouth open (see photos- not with my mouth hanging open, but with the streets of Jaipur), we visited as a matter of "opening" of the appetite, a temple Hindus, it should be noted at the output Nazi swastika was painted upside which we already photographed a; Unfortunately, this symbol, the best-known and holy symbol non-word in hinduism (took over and then jainism and budism), which is in fact, a symbol of the peace men snared and good luck, it is much better known by the connotation to negative which leads us to the thought of atrocities Nazism, and it is a pity that that's the case, but in time, perhaps Nazi swastika was painted upside will regain his merits. The entry into temple, of course, that we had descaltam (luckily I had those "papucei" bag of which I have already told you) and I didn't have permission to do some pictures on the inside.

  • In the city, it should be noted the Palace guardians, a real symbol of the city, as a matter of fact only a gorgeous front panel, with more than 150 windows through which women in a jail not a harem, let's tell them nicely the ladies at the palace, watched the show street without being seen.

The next day, we went to the Redoubt Amber, approximately 10 km from Jaipur, the former capital city of the region, built for two hundred years, 16 and 17, a few emperors moguls (you'll get bored with more reliable guides to reputation) soon enough, and our dear guide was right and, in spite of the protests, we have joined the ranks of early in the morning as if it were a scholar, to be among the first to long-awaited walk with elephants at the Redoubt. And good for him!!

  • I say good for him because they are f many groups of tourists and, obviously, for as long as you get back later, with both sit more than on queue. At the Redoubt Amber comes stomping up the hill riding an elephant, he climbed two persons on a sort of "podium" and of course, you don't "ride", but with his feet to one side. On our elefantica called Leila :) . How are you crazy?

You climb a flight of steps and then a sort of dais, they bringing you an elephant near you, tzup on it, and we didn't even too complicated, although at first it seems to be. More complicated was when Leila started to climb slope down to entry in the redoubt, on the left was the court outside, varnish etc (see photos), and the right to wall, descending elephants without tourists.

Well, an elephant rises slowly, but expensive, so he leaned forward with his back to the wall of the fort, ba facing "HAU". Though you know somewhat safe, however it felt like it was "Damn it, Leila my mother, take it easy".

Finally, almost get up, in her courtyard, meddling in "the driver" at us nothing but caress feeling, "you know, it's a little girl, she was called Leila, and Leila eats muuuulte banana, "Ya got to give me money", as this is where she wanted to go, I don't think I made something,

That will not be made  like others thousands and thousands of reviews made by tourist objectives of Jaipur.

The Observatory Jantar Mantar - this is a complex of 14 astronomical instruments built by maharajahul JAI Sing II, measure of time, meridianelor, zodiilor, planets - in my opinion if you're not destroy you don't understand too much of it.

Hava Mahal - or guardians palace has 343 balconies and 953 small windows with bars, and they say that in these balconies stood their wives pachyderm brigade Sawraj and they weren't allowed to look at the outside world without them to be seen far down - I have seen it only from the outside, but I would have liked to see how it is on the inside.

Birla Temple - a temple built of white marble dedicated to arena and his wife Lakshmi.

On temple walls are to be found portreti you matilor philosophers Socrates, Conficius and sea of religions Christ, Buddha - honestly in addition to the other temples do not impressed me very much.

Temple apes

 it is an old city deserted, placed between two rocks, where in the old days inhabited by human beings and that they have left because of the floods. A place beautifully picturesque which is now inhabited by monkeys, as though you were in the jungle book the monkeys who had been kidnapped on Mowgli.

Jaipur being mountain area, vegetation is lush and the landscape is one special, passing the gate at the entrance we have been unveiled at the front two large rocks between which it was built a deserted like a castles. The silence of nature and the screaming apes were interrupted by Indian music in an undertone that you hung around in a special atmosphere. A few local people with their specific port, trousers and blouse and white turban on his head - men and colored sariuri - women, and do city shelter among the ruins being neighbors with the monkeys. This place "colored" is even welcome by completing the picturesque landscape.

This temple was dedicated to Hanuman, the god monkeys epopeii character of Ramayana. Life epic describes prince bezel (one of ten of god reincarnari arena). Monkey God Hanuman helped him on the frame in the fight against an- gels Ravana, who had taken on the sieve, prince's wife.

I don't think I've put too many characters in the pantheon Hindus, that is a little hard to digest any further to us the Christians, followers of a religion monoteiste, so I will go to things more Earthside.

This town left the temple is located apes has been seized from their own by monkeys. There are thousands of copies of all ages, everywhere, on the walls, on houses, on the rocks, by the pool, and all of them are very friendly, and willing to tell you grab from his hand bag of peanuts that you bought from the city entrance precisely to feed on them. We take a few peanuts from the bag that he was supposed to keep them free and intindeam palm.

They came and shall be served on his hand, and, if I was giving his fist closed shall be tormented me to open it. First ospatau were male dominant. It was quite difficult to give food to female or male ii chicken because they swept it around you.

It is an unforgettable experience, which delight all tourists going there. I am attaching some pictures and very relevant to this place.

A waterfall that flows from the top of the rocks supplied a pit, tranformand it in the swimming pool for monkeys. These animals are very cute and friendly even eat from your hand if you're making them to food. There were families whole, monkeys adult chicken of monkeys and forget a cow as though former bodyguard.

It was the first time I'd seen dozens of monkeys zburdand in the open air around me, scrambling up on the walls and windows city or making a bath in the swimming pool, so you may guess how delighted was my brother..

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