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Hi everyone!

My name is David Linares, I am a middle age teacher from Jaén and I´m looking for a Navie (or bilingual at least) English speaker to improve my fluency, pronunciation and practicing about some specific topics.

I have some experience with Student "teacher" who has come to Jaén other years before.

I´m sure we could get an agreement about the payment after our first meeting

contact me at a.s.a.p.

Hey David, I am a language assistant in Torredonjimeno and am looking for some extra tutoring work. I am from the States and can definitely help you with your English. Let me know your price range per hour. 



hablo Español , y el año que viene , quiero  a enseñar inglés in la provincia de Jaén 

Showing 1-3 of 3 entries


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