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  • Home Party

    We are organizing a house party! How about celebrating the new year together. We are looking forward

    0 by hazal, 9 months ago
  • Kulindag Mountain Cafe in Beykoz

    It is a place to eat and drink and to do daily tracking. They have parties with dance and with rock, 70ies, 80ies, 90ies and reggae music. Detailes:

    0 by ismail, 7 years ago
  • Eski Beyrut World Music House

    Eski Beyrut is a good dancing and gathering place in Istanbul. The prices are really cheap and beer between 9. 30 - 11. 00 p. m except Friday and Saturday, is just 1. 50 YTL.

    0 by Onur, 8 years ago

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