One Year in Guarda

Hi everbody,

I have spent almost 1 year in Guarda as the erasmus student. I have got a lots experince. Before that is, I have texted some opinion about Guarda as Turkish. These are correct but I would like to add some text more.

Guarda is close to Porto at 3 hours away by bus also 5 hours to Lisbon by bus. You can go to Spain(Salamanca or Madrid) from Guarda easly. If you will come to Guarda to study and would like to trip that I suggest all of you that you should buy the ticket from Madrid because the ticket price is usually 10 euro to go. 

If we talk to about the classes that is so uncertain. For example first season that I had a professor who made me an exam which was 8 pages Portugues and I definetly do not know Portugues. But, I also had a professor who made me an exam which was easy because she has given me the question and she helped me. So the classes depend to the professors. You can pass easily or not. 

If we talk about the accommodation, you have to take mail to Isabel Calçada who is interested the dormitory and home if you want to stay these places. These are cheaper than another else because you only will pay the rent. You won't have any bills. I suggest all of you that you have to be quick to text the mail to Isabel because these palces are getting full before 2 months. In this moment, the home is 80 euro without bills and the dormitory is; for the 2 bed 120 euro, for the 3 bed 100 euro per room. So if you cannot to catch the dormitory that you can contact within the erasmus office and they will help you to find any accomoditaion. 

Guarda is so relax city and sometimes getting cold weather. If you have social personality, definetly you won't be bored here that I cannat say if it is notlike this :)

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