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Who will go to Hradec?

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Next course (2018-2019) i will go to Hradec Kralove as erasmus and i want to meet people that will go too, if u can contact with me please ^^

Hi!! I'm Flavi I'm from Rome, I will study in Hradec from octber 2018 in the faculty of Pharmacy! Are you going there too? What are you studying?

Hi! My name is Andrea and I'm from Spain. I'm studying Medicine and I will be in Hradec Kralove the 2018/2019 course. 

Hello everybody! I’m Carlos from Spain! I’m going to study Medicine in Hradec Kralove the next course (18/19)

Hi!!! I am Amelia! I'm from Zaragoza, Spain. I am studying third of Medicine and next year i will be in Hradec! 

Hi! I am Matteo! I'm from Napoli, Italy. I’m going to study Hystory in Hradec Kralove the next course (18/19)

Hiii!! I am Diego! I'm from Canarias, Spain. i am going to study Informatics in Hradec kralove next course (18/19). 

Hi There! I'll be studying ELT (Education Faculty 18-19) in the UHC. From Turkey! My name is Sedanur but all the foreign friends of mine prefer "Senna" :) 

Will be happy to meet you soon! Take care...

Showing 1-8 of 8 entries


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