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Baltic Sea

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The Coast

Published by Daniela Daniela — 5 years ago

I am absolutely in love with the Baltic Sea. I must firstly explain that rather frustratingly, Helsinki is having abnormally warm weather for this time of year so it has not been that cold. There has been about 3 weeks of double figures sub zero temperatures but that was in January. Since february began it has been above freezing.

That being said the sea is still frozen in some parts and so I have managed to have the wonderful experience of walking on the sea. I thoroughly recommend it, and if I had bought ice skates before it got warmer I definitely would have skated on the ice. Just being by the sea in general though I absolutely love, the view by the coast is lovely. Also I love seeing the boats, I hope to at one point perhaps take a ride in a boat whilst I am here. (A pleasant little sail boat not a large ferry to Estonia or Russia).

I recommend walking by the coast when in Helsinki. The Baltic sea is also infamously clean so when it melts perhaps you can take a quick swim. Or failing that you can also take home a lump when it's still frozen and put it in your drinks. I have not tried that - it might be a bit salty but hey why not - ice is ice right!

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