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Sorry to do it this way, but I cannot think of another way. 

I want to find out what happened to my friend Satu Rosenberg. I am pretty sure she has died, but I have never received any official news about it. Why post it here? She has a daughter Erika who lived with her father Antti in Hameenlinna. Erika is at an age where she might be a student or any of you might know her from Hameenlinna. 

Additonal information on her mother: her date of birth is 9th April 1974, born in Turenki and later went to live in Tampere. She had a brother who died ca 20 years ago in a car accident and her parents names are Pauli and Ritva. She used to have a friend called Kirssi.

Does this ring any bells with someone, or do you know who I can find out otherwise, please let me know! 


Karin van Nieuwburg

Showing 1-1 of 1 entries


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