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Required: Room - 6 months - Master student doing internship in Hamburg.

  • Move in date: 15 August 2019
  • Minumum stay: 6 months

I'm moving to Hamburg for at least 6 months for an internship in a company located in Wansdbek region. I am a master student (food science). 
Right now I live in Ghent, Belgium and I plan to come on August 15. 
I want to work monday to friday. In my free time, I like to relax by cooking, reading and dancing. : D 
Let me know if you have some offers for me.

About me / us Things that my roommate should have
Gender 1 girl Not specified
Age 24 18 - 99
Occupation Not specified Not specified
Smoker Not specified Not specified
Partying Not specified Not specified
Pet Not specified Not specified

3 months ago

Tags: Flatmates Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

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