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Erasmus blog Hamburg

  • General advice for those going to Germany on their Erasmus Placement. 11-12

    Given that the influx of Erasmus students over the last few years has increased every time, especially those who apply undertake courses at a German university, I have decided to include a special section in this blog just for them. It would be advisable to read this -...

    0 by Kate, 2 years ago
  • From Fancy Cocktails to Drag Queens and Strippers

    Germany is well known for grey, rainy days and often rather cold people. Especially northern Germany has got this reputation of being, well, not the nicest of all places. I grew up in nothern Germany so I'll first tell you a bit more about the region I come...

    0 by Allison, 3 years ago
  • Excursions from Bremen: Hamburg

    The other day, whilst on the train to Hamburg, I decided to count how many times I had done that same journey: 25 times. Writing about my experience in Bremen without dedicating an article to this fantastic city seems to me, at the very least, rude, so here we go. The...

    0 by Ross, 4 years ago

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