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Discovering Samegrelo!

                                                   Megrelian cuisine

  Samegrelo is one of the best and the oldest region of Georgia. People here are amazing! They respect the culture and traditions of another nation. First of all I would like to tell you about Megrelian cuisine, which is rare and perfect. As for me, the food they eat shows not only the culture of this region, but also its' character. If someone visits Zigdidi, he/she should know that there is always a place for guests. The first thing they will offer is "Gomi." this food is known with its' specific features. It consists of maize flour. it's very delicious, especially with some cheese. 

   The most amazing thing about Samegrelo is that every year (especially in summer), family members have tradition to keep food in bottles or jars for the winter.They cut salads from carrots, onions, herbs and keep them closed till winter. As winter comes, they can open and put them on the table whenever they want.

    As well as any other dishes, "Elarji" is also very popular in is cooked as "Gomi", but it's different. while flour is boiled and ready, we should add some cheese and milk in it. So, "Elarji" is ready. 

    As we have already mentioned, Samegrelo is rich with traditions. For example, one of the most interesting feature is the wedding scene. Parents of the bride must collect the clothes of their daughter and sent them after or on the day of the wedding. It is a tradition, which exists in Samegrelo nowadays. 

    Zugdidi is famous with its' nature and cuisine. It is a small city with big dreams.


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