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Wait for me the Princess of the North

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 Hey. My name is Berkay and I will be in Gdansk on September to February with my girlfriend. We will come from Turkey and if you can help and explain the city to us we'll be thankful. 

How is the prices of a room that i can stay with my gf in shared aparts ? (Bills included would be nicer)

Which airline businesses are the cheapest ones to travel to other countries ( Italy, France, Spain, Austria, etc.) ?

My school is in Kwydzin but the classes will be 1 time in 2 weeks or 1 time for monthly so it is a well opportunity to stay in Gdansk. Can we join the erasmus parties of other schools?

Are the ESN clubs work effectively ?

How is the prices in the city such as; eating in a mid range restaurant, the supermarket prices, the entertainment prices, transportation prices, museum prices, cigaratte and beer prices, clothing prices (zara, h&m, pull and bear, bershka etc.)?

Where is the best and delicious places to eat ?

Where should we visit and see in Gdansk ?

Showing 1-1 of 1 entries


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