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First adventure outside the United States

I completed my undergraduate degree in the US in International Business, and as part of this program I completed a semester abroad in Berlin in the fall of 2016. I had never travelled outside the United States before this, but after my 3-month stay in Europe I had visited 6 countries: Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Spain, and the Netherlands! I fell in love with the culture and environment of Europe, and it became my dream to return to Europe to live and work after my undergraduate degree. Specifically, while taking a boat tour amidst the countless container ships and endless stacks of shipping containers, I decided I wanted to work in International Logistics.

I made new friends during my semester abroad, broadened my international perspective, and enjoyed wonderful experiences: I climbed a mountain and visited an ice bar in Norway, swam in the Mediterranean Sea in Barcelona, sailed through the second largest European port city in Hamburg, explored a windmill in the Netherlands, explored a nuclear bunker and a secret intelligence facility in Berlin, and most importantly ( :D ), purchased my first bottle of alcohol (while still being below the legal age to purchase alcohol in my home country!).

I am excited for my next opportunity to experience the wonders of Europe!

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